Chris Atkin FIA

Chris has over 45 years experience of acting as a scheme actuary.  He established the business in 1992 after working for a number of actuarial practices.  His aim was to make available to smaller and medium sized schemes the levels of service and professionalism expected from the top actuarial partnerships, at a cost more in keeping with the size of such schemes.  He recognised that the problems faced by smaller schemes were the same as those of larger schemes, but were often more intense due to size and the limited resources available to deal with those problems.

His experience covers not only actuarial work but also all other aspects of the operation and management of schemes, including the development of administration systems, management of investment performance monitoring services, assessment of employer covenant and its impact on funding and investment strategy.  Having advised on approaching 500 schemes during his career he has come across most situations and has found practical solutions to some knotty problems. At the same time he maintains a keen interest in the continuing evolution of pension legislation and practice with particular emphasis on how these impact on smaller schemes.

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