Investment Consultancy

Investment consultancy designed for small and medium pension schemes

Our investment consultancy service is simple and tailored, designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized pension schemes.  We have developed the service based on our experience of advising clients on suitable strategies as well as considering the information that we ourselves need when we are acting as trustee to schemes.

Simple insofar as we try to cut out unnecessary detail so that we can concentrate on the information that is essential to the trustees’ decision making on investment without overburdening them with unnecessary detail that may obscure what is really important. 

Tailored insofar as our investment consultancy can be designed to meet the specific requirements and circumstances of our clients.

We do not manage investments; we believe that this is best left to specialist investment managers.  Our role is to assist trustees in developing a strategy that fits in with the sponsor’s ability to manage downside risk and the funding plan that has been set for the scheme, as well as recognising the trustees’ own appetite towards risk and reward.

Services may include advice on:

  • Goal setting
  • Assessing risks associated with different investment strategies (in consultation with the Scheme Actuary)
  • Analysing the willingness of the trustees and sponsor to take risk in order to seek additional returns, and the ability of the sponsor to cover risk
  • Assessing the relevance of LDI in the context of the funding plan and, where relevant, assisting in the development of suitable and proportionate LDI strategies
  • Setting and implementing strategy
  • Agreeing benchmarks to monitor performance against
  • Monitoring performance against benchmarks
  • Periodic in-depth reviews of managers
  • Drafting of a Statement of Investment Principles
  • Assistance with drafting of implementation statements
  • Tendering for fiduciary management service (where relevant)