‘The voice of small schemes’

Atkin Pensions focus on providing a supportive, innovative and collaborative service to small and medium-sized pension schemes which require a more hands-on and thoughtful approach than larger schemes; A personal approach combined with innovative thinking and practical solutions to help you manage your defined benefit scheme in a cost-effective manner.


Small schemes: a better way

Pensions are important and complicated for both members and their sponsoring employers. Large schemes, by virtue of their size, have to rely on systems and processes. Smaller schemes do not have to, they can be person led. Atkin Pensions provide:

  • Small client teams that understand the scheme, its sponsor and the membership
  • Administrators who speak to your members to help them understand their scheme and benefits
  • Experienced client managers who apply commercial common sense to problems based on a deep understanding of your circumstances

Atkin Pensions provide all the services you need

Actuarial Consultancy Administration Employer Led Advice Investment Consultancy Liability Management Specialist Actuarial Independent Trustee
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Remove the risks and costs to YOUR company


In the annual industry survey, we are always one of the best value firms reflecting our ethos which is designed around smaller schemes where commoditisation does not work. Find out more >

Employer Led Advice

Companies generally have some control over factors that impact the business, but this is not the case with DB pension liabilities. Atkin Pensions can help companies regain the control. By understanding your corporate objective and KPIs we will develop solutions to achieve the objective be it short term cost management or long term liability removal. Find out more >

Liability Management

Many schemes provide a pre-determined retirement income for members, specifically an increasing pension which continues to a dependent on death. Whilst this income stream may be appropriate for some members; others may prefer a more flexible retirement income. Find out more >

Scheme Actuary

Our scheme actuaries are all experienced at working with smaller schemes and therefore appreciate constraints that they work under and feeds into the advice that we give which includes a willingness to get off the fence and offer an opinion. Find out more >

Specialist Actuarial Services

Our focus on small schemes mean we adopt a practical approach which, combined with, hourly rates that are some of the lowest in the industry means we can deliver real value for money. Find out more >


Keeping an eye on your money. We help our clients reduce risk and simultaneously increase expected returns. We do this by removing unrewarded risks (such as exposure to interest rates) and diversifying rewarded risks (such as exposure to equity markets). We seek to finesse what you already have rather than make wholesale changes. Find out more >

You can focus on your business

Atkin Pensions provide peace of mind so you can focus on what is important to you

  • Our scope of services is fully inclusive and our fees are fixed
  • We manage the governance burden for you
  • Your members speak to the person looking after their benefits and not a call centre
  • We concentrate on what’s important to you
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